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September 28th, 2004

06:55 pm
I'm beginning to understand another of the greatest wonders of the world, and that is vulnerability. We have within us an internal sense of the value of being vulnerable; it is a part of all the most precious parts of our experience. Some examples:

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"A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for." - John A. Shedd

"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life, is when men are afraid of the Light." - Plato
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September 23rd, 2004

09:27 am - Einstein and Religion
For some reason, I took it to my mind to look up Einstein's views on religion this morning. Lucky me! This was an excellent idea, because it presents the workings of an extremely intelligent mind on a difficult problem -- in essence, the problem of religiosity.

What is the problem of religiosity? you ask. Let me explain. In essence, this is the observation that the "best" people we know are not always the most religious, and the most religious people we know are not always all that good. What I mean by good here is something like: in harmony with the universe, at ease with themselves and others, wonderful teachers, wonderful learners, wonderful servants. You do, of course, find "religious" people who fit all these qualifications, but you find others that fit them as well, and you find quite a few religious people who don't seem to fit the bill at all.

(By the way, I cringe too when I see the phrase "in harmony with the universe" above. It's cheesy, but I think it does express what I'm trying to say.)

Enter Einstein. He wrote a marvelous essay, in which he explained his view of religion. It is both historical and spiritual. He goes through an anthropological understanding of religion, without for a moment disparaging its foundations in reality. He claims three types of religion: 1) the religion of fear, 2) the religion of morality, and 3) the religion of sublime and marvelous order. The first two are concerned, in his words, with "the satisfaction of deeply felt needs and the assuagement of pain." As such, they are fundamentally anthropomorphic: they shape God in the image of man.

But the truth is: God shaped man in His image, not the other way around. We may have the ability to, in some sense, "be like" God; but it is nonsense for us to claim that God is anything like us. "Such knowledge is too wonderful for me. It is high; I cannot attain it" (Psalm 139). This is where even the possibility of theology -- the study of God -- becomes impossible.

And yet, even that which is not understood can be known. The infant does not understand all the motivations, all the histories, all the emotions, of the mother, and yet -- the infant can truly participate in a relationship with her. So it is with us and God.

Einstein's two sources of relationship (which he calls "cosmic relgious feeling) are interesting: mysticism and science. Both these sources of relationship are somewhat challenging to the conventional believer, and yet -- it seems to me -- they have the fruit of real life. They are encounters with the Truth of all, about which both things are true: we cannot comprehend a thing about it, and yet we can never truly know anything else.

A bizarre journal, today. :) Nice to see y'all again!

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September 10th, 2004

12:35 pm - A new schoolyear
Here I am, in a new schoolyear. I've grown apart from my blog of late, but perhaps we will become reacquainted in the coming days. Then again, perhaps not.

Either way, I found a really awesome website today. http://www.actofme.co.uk/bush_speech/bushspeechwriter.html

To find the speech I wrote, look for author: Daniel, title: Thingy. Or better, just make your own, and listen to our Silly in Chief rail against terrorists (or, alternately, Tony Blair.) :p

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June 10th, 2004

08:15 am - Downsizing.
Last couple days of school. My boss (the principal) is resigning, and they're not replacing him. I'm not kidding.

Just my own opinon, but I don't feel that a high school rapidly improves by eliminating the highest position of authority. But what do I know?
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June 9th, 2004

10:03 am - A Poem I'm reminded of...
childlikeone just posted a poem about the kingdom of ourselves. It absolutely reminded me of a poem I wrote about a year ago. My poem was, in turn, a response to a poem by Dylan Thomas. That poem is here: http://www.wavemag.com/zine/oct98/sidetruth.html

King of My Heart - by me

There is a loneliness that leads to slavery;
I know that I have made it mine.
There is a cause that makes a crisis mute,
A lie that makes all true sight blind.

There is a fearfulness beside my days,
A lifelessness behind my mind.
The next progression I should make
Is slaved to an inverted time.

There is a kingdom I have barely met,
A life which I have seldom seen.
There is a path that only saints may tread,
A confidence of holy fools that dream.

This is my home—my sinew, and my nerve:
I would be and I am a fool to serve.

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June 7th, 2004

06:36 pm - Interesting thingy

From monarck.</span>

Recommend to me...

1. A movie
2. A book
3. A musical artist, song, or album
4. A LiveJournal user not on my friends list
5. What I should have for dinner
6. A website

...and put it in a comment and then put this in your journal.


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June 3rd, 2004

11:19 am - Working toward peace...

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June 2nd, 2004

11:18 am - A Marvelous Film
I woke up early this morning, made coffee, showered, prayed, ate breakfast, had a conversation with my roommate, and graded papers -- all before leaving for school. This kind of busy morning before work is exceedingly rare for me. I have some sort of mental complex whereby I consider my body and brain made of delicate glass until I reach my classroom at work. It's absurd; a morning like today is natural, and blessed.

And if there was any question, God made it clear on my drive to work. He showed me a double rainbow. :)

Ahhhhhhh. Grace.

I saw a really cool film the other night, at a meeting of my book club. "Mostly Martha," it's called, a German film in subtitles. It's a film about -- of all things -- cooking. It has humor and depth. It sings.

I highly recommend seeing it. Foreign films rule.


Pistons in the finals. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!
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May 29th, 2004

11:34 am - Picture
I got bored of having this blog pictureless for so long. A text-image thingy I made:

So there.
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May 26th, 2004

01:42 pm - Back...ish
I haven't blogged in a while.

I have a good reasons. I have been digging out from under paperwork. Here's my head; it will disappear shortly.


I'm planning a wedding. Aieee! Looks like we might get to have it in a cathedral, though. Hooray!

To repeat: Aieee!


I want to blog soon about sports. I haven't been talking or writing enough about sports lately, and I have some sporting "issues" I need to work through. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
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