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June 2nd, 2004

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11:18 am - A Marvelous Film
I woke up early this morning, made coffee, showered, prayed, ate breakfast, had a conversation with my roommate, and graded papers -- all before leaving for school. This kind of busy morning before work is exceedingly rare for me. I have some sort of mental complex whereby I consider my body and brain made of delicate glass until I reach my classroom at work. It's absurd; a morning like today is natural, and blessed.

And if there was any question, God made it clear on my drive to work. He showed me a double rainbow. :)

Ahhhhhhh. Grace.

I saw a really cool film the other night, at a meeting of my book club. "Mostly Martha," it's called, a German film in subtitles. It's a film about -- of all things -- cooking. It has humor and depth. It sings.

I highly recommend seeing it. Foreign films rule.


Pistons in the finals. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!
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Date:June 3rd, 2004 07:10 pm (UTC)

Re: Rare morning

You'll never guess what I saw today!! I was outside at work on break and low and behold a rainbow!! Amazing!! *smiling*
A Marvelous Film - Urset's Musings

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